Urban Garden

Adrienne Eyer


Adrienne is passionate about urban ecology and supporting our environment for the benefit of the community and urban wildlife.

Trash on Beach

Libby B.

Vice President

When not studying or playing soccer, Libby likes spending time with friends. She wanted to co-found this chapter of Clean Up - Give Back to contribute to our community and teach others about environmental stewardship.

Environment Activists Protest

Frankie K.


Frankie is a student at Oak Park & River Forest High School.  She's very passionate about environmental issues and works with many youth groups in her area to combat climate change.

Park Trees

Audrey J.

Co-Director of Communications

When she isn't dancing, Audrey spends her time playing music and reading.  She's very involved in the arts at Oak Park & River Forest High School.  She loves urban environments and is very passionate about keeping cities clean and protecting urban wildlife.

Empty Plastic Bottles

Gia B.

Co-Director of Communications

Gia is a student at Oak Park & River Forest High school.  She is a vegetarian, animal lover, and passionate about the environment.  As Co-Director of Communications, she can't wait to spread the message of Clean Up - Give Back!


Lily C.


As member-at-large, Lily assists fellow board member, Libby, with logistics for cleanup campaigns.  Lily enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with friends and family, and learning new things about the environment.

Eco Building

Brenda Parker


Brenda is passionate about issues facing urban areas and loves being outside and active with her husband and three children.